Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Car Accident

I was hoping to get my Thailand blog entries up this weekend, but I spent the weekend recovering from a pretty bad car accident.  On Thursday, when my mom and I had just left the house to find a coffee table for my new apartment, we got t-boned by a guy who ran a red light in his SUV.  Thankfully, we are both okay, escaping only with non-fatal injuries.  I have a concussion, and my left shoulder is pretty banged up (as it and the left side of my head crashed into the driver's side door on impact).  My mom is also sore but more shaken up than anything.  It definitely was a scary experience.  When our car came to a stop, my mom was frantic and yelling, and I felt the worst pain I've ever felt in my head.  But luckily, a policeman was also stopped at the same intersection and saw the whole thing.  He helped us out of the car and handled everything else.  He told me the man in the SUV had admitted he ran the red light.  (He was also, thankfully, not hurt).  I spent a total of 9 hours at urgent care and the ER, but all is well, and that is something to be grateful for.

Be safe everyone!  


  1. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon :( Glad you and your mom are okay.

  2. Did you seek for the help of a lawyer to apply for your insurance and take care of your medical bills? I hope you guys did, as they can also help you in fixing the damages caused by the accident; meaning your financial troubles will be lessened and resolved. Anyway, it’s nice to know that there were people who immediately rescued you guys. I’ll be hoping for your fast recovery. =)

    Raleigh Crowl

  3. Well, thank heavens the policeman immediately came to rescue you guys. Your condition seems really severe after the accident. =( Lesson learned: SIMPLY FOLLOW TRAFFIC RULES. Being obedient is going to keep everyone safe and away from harm. I hope you’ll get better in time.

    Amy Baron

  4. The driver must have the presence of mind, especially with cases like this. Let’s just understand that we have different things to attend to and sometimes, accidents occur because of this. I just hope there was no legal case filed and that your car has already been replaced.

    : Cindie Guevara