About Me

I'll give you the same spiel I give everyone else the first time I meet them:

I'm Tanisha, and I'm a lawyer in downtown Greensboro.  I just finished a clerkship in Raleigh, and I'm excited to start working with my new firm.  

Now you roll your eyes because though that may tell you what I do, it doesn't tell you who I am.  Enter this blog.

I'm Tanisha (pronounced Thanisha), and I am a crazy hippie who hates cockroaches but won't kill them because they have feelings too.  I am a strict vegetarian, but gosh do I miss marshmallows (damn that animal gelatin).  I love to try all sorts of foods and claim to be quite open-minded, but I dislike feta cheese (I know, I know, you might as well stop reading now), dates (cockroach lookalikes, beware!), turnips (yuck), and blue cheese (also known as foot fungus).  I do yoga and/or workout at the gym around four times a week to stay fit, but I swear I can, will, and have eaten an entire Papa John's pizza on my own.  I love iceberg lettuce, but I dare you to try to serve me a salad for dinner (I'm a vegetarian, NOT A RABBIT!).  I have bought only one app in my 4 year iPhone stint because I am a penny pincher, but leave me on a computer too long and suddenly Target and Forever21 are several hundreds of dollars richer.    

Now I know what you're thinking.  This girl is freaking nuts.  And, well, you're mostly right.  I'm rational and level-headed at work, but how would it be fun to be that way the rest of the day?  What you read above is a sampling of the monkey logic that pervades my life and who I am.  It gives me happiness and it reminds me not to take life too seriously.  I'll be honest though.  I like it here, and you should too.  

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