Monday, December 10, 2012

Festival of Lights (Xmas not Diwali this time)

Good Monday morning!  I had a great time with family and friends this weekend.  What about you?  Friday night, we went to the festival lights in downtown Greensboro (yes, Greensboro actually has a downtown) with a few friends, S., and my parents.  It really was fun to see so many Greensborians (?) gathered together to celebrate in the holiday spirit. 

My parents and I at the lighting of the Christmas tree.  Don't hate on my awesome antlers.

Greensboro went all out.  Soap snow in 50 degree weather!

My best friend, Neema, joins in the fun.  Ooh!  That's my office building in the background.

My mom NEVER looks at the camera.
After Friday, S. and I went to my office holiday party Saturday night, and then I got to hang out with another best friend, Deepti, on Sunday evening.  We always have a good old giggly time when we get together, and it reminded me of how much fun we had last year in NYC celebrating my 26th birthday.

Deepti, me, and Neema in NYC on my 26th.
Hope you had just as good a weekend as me!

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