Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Finally, I have some time to post about Thailand!  My friend, Digyna and I, were lucky enough to have some coinciding vacation time, and we decided to spend 16 days in Thailand.  The trip was amazing, and I thought I'd tell the story in pictures to make it fun for you too.  I'll post 3 entries, including this one, with each one dedicated to a particular leg of our trip.  Enjoy!

Sitting in a Tuk Tuk with my cousin nieces, Risha and Tanvi.  Their parents, Deepti and Vijayant, were super awesome to us and let us stay in their beautiful apartment in Sukhumvit, Bangkok.

That's that low cut style for men.  I tried to get S. to get on board with this style.  For some reason he was not gung ho about it.  (We saw these in Chatuchak Market, the biggest market in the world.)

The pictures below are from an awesome bakery in Bangkok that was set up like an orphange...

We had the Chunky Monkey shake.  It was unbelievably good.  I should now call this blog chunky monkey logic.

Just look at that dessert.  Now I dare you not to go eat something sweet.  I just dare you.

The next pics are from our private river taxi tour on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok to see the Grand Palace (where the King and his family used to live) and some temples.

In the evening, we decided to have dinner at a unique restaurant called Cabbages and Condoms.

Yes, those are all condoms.  Every last piece of the sculptures are made of them.  I know you're thinking that's really weird, but after I read the reason behind the restaurant, I felt better about our visit...

This was the yummy fruit plate at Cabbages and Condoms.  Those lychee looking things were delicious!

After C&C, Digyna and I trekked to Sky Bar of Hangover 2 Fame.  

It provided a beautiful view of the city, although we were surprised at how few high rises there were.  Also, we were plenty shocked to see our bill of some $30 for 2 pretty non-classy beers.  Ah well, vacation vacation, right?

After sky bar, we headed to proper downtown Bangkok, where I saw this massage parlor.  (I got excited because it's how you'd pronounce my name if you had a lisp.  Yes, I am that cool.)

This was the red light district.  Where can you buy some drugs?  You got me.  Sex?  They've got that there too.  Digyna and I didn't last here long...after we were approached numerous times by creepy people, we got the hell out of there.

Next stop?

Chiang Mai.

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