Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome and Quinoa

I'll give you the same spiel I give everyone else the first time I meet them:

I'm T., and I'm a lawyer in downtown Raleigh.  I am finishing up a clerkship (basically a fellowship for recent law grads) this month, and I'll be moving to Greensboro in a few weeks to begin practicing real law.  I'll hopefully focus on criminal defense, intellectual property, employment discrimination, and education law.  

Now you roll your eyes because though that may tell you what I do, it doesn't tell you who I am.  Enter this blog. 

I'm T., and I am a crazy hippie who hates cockroaches but won't kill them because they have feelings too.  I am a strict vegetarian, but gosh do I miss marshmallows (damn that animal gelatin).  I love to try all sorts of foods and claim to be quite open-minded, but I dislike feta cheese (I know, I know, you might as well stop reading now), dates (cockroach lookalikes, beware!), turnips (yuck), and blue cheese (also known as foot fungus).  I do yoga and/or workout at the gym around four times a week to stay fit, but I swear I can, will, and have eaten an entire Papa John's pizza on my own.  I love iceberg lettuce, but I dare you to try to serve me a salad for dinner (I'm a vegetarian, NOT A RABBIT!).  I have bought only one app in my 4 year iPhone stint because I am a penny pincher, but leave me on a computer too long and suddenly Target and Forever21 are several hundreds of dollars richer.    

Now I know what you're thinking.  This girl is freaking nuts.  And, well, you're mostly right.  I'm rational and level-headed at work, but how would it be fun to be that way the rest of the day?  What you read above is a sampling of the monkey logic that pervades my life and who I am.  It gives me happiness and it reminds me not to take life too seriously.  And I'll be honest.  I like it here, and you should too.  


As an aside, S. and I made quinoa burgers and avocado fries for dinner last night!  Quinoa (pronounced: keenwah) is a great grain-like protein substitute.  We used basically the same recipe provided in this blog for the burgers.  I thought the burgers were yummy, but we forgot to put the cumin in, and S. really missed that.  Next time!  We topped one burger with gorgonzola and the others with 3 Pepper Colby Jack Cheese from Harris Teeter (my new all time favorite deli cheese) plus the usual lettuce, tomato, and red onion.  Spread the buns with smart balance mayo and bbq sauce/fancy mustard, and we were in heaven!  For the fries, I just sliced up the avocado, coated the slices with bread crumbs, and fried them.  We dipped them in spicy peanut sauce from Harris Teeter.  Fatty but OH SO DELICIOUS.   Here's our meal:

Oh, and we had strawberry banana milkshakes for dessert!  Okay, okay, will try not to be so fat tonight.  No promises, though. 

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