Thursday, August 16, 2012

60-Foot Balcony

My lease for my new condo started yesterday!  I am so excited, and I'll post pictures of the place soon!  For now, I wanted to put up some pictures of patio furniture my mom bought for my new 60-foot balcony!!  This is the part of the new place I am most excited about.  I love sitting on the balcony, drinking chai or reading a good book.  Best of all, my mom got these at a super discounted price!!  Even more discounted than what it seems here.

Only $40!!

I'm going to likely remove the thing on top (pictured in the link) because my balcony is covered.  Also, let's be honest, the cover on the swing is ugly.  I'm also not a huge fan of the stripes, but we'll see.  Can always return!  Swings are my favorite though, so as long as it's sturdy, it'll prob stay.

Mainstays Sling 5-piece Tile Top Outdoor Dining Set (the link is to the 7 piece, 5 piece no longer online)
Only $120!!

Tell me what you think!  On with the hunt for an outdoor patio bench...

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