Friday, November 9, 2012

Wine Rack Steal

I have been looking and looking and looking and looking for an awesome wine rack since I got my new place.  Ever since I saw this awesome wine rack at my friend Jill's place that she got for her wedding, I've been dying to get it.  But as it costs $170 (for both pieces) at Pottery Barn, and I just couldn't justify such a cost for something to hold my $3 bottles of Trader Joe's wine. 

Alternate View

Well, imagine my unparalleled bliss (no, I am not dramatic), when I found this baby on for only $28.50 plus $7.22 for shipping:

There was no stopping me then.  I did a happy wine dance and clicked my way to purchasing a beautiful new addition to my apartment.  Granted, it's missing an area to pour your wine, but that's a project for another day.  Will post pics once I get it and set it up!


  1. That's awesome! Plus it's kind of BOTH the other two pieces put together! :) yayyyy!

  2. i was seraching bit same like this mounted wooden wine rack with glass holders.

    1. It's great! I definitely recommend it.