Sunday, January 6, 2013

a NYC happy holiday

Phew.  With the hecticness of the holidays, I have been on Santa's naughty list for bad blogging.  Hopefully, with the start of 2013, I will make it back onto his nice list.  But before getting to 2013, I'd like to share some pictures of my trip to NYC with S. to visit my brother, sister-in-law, and Baby P (our nickname for my soon to be niece)!!

Isn't NYC awesome during Christmas?  This is a bar called Rolph in Gramercy.  Unfortunately, its hours were weird and we were never able to actually stay, but I caught a snap!

My brother and S. scarfing down delicious bagels.  We topped them with an avocado cilantro cream cheese, a jalapeno cream cheese, and a tofu scallion cream cheese!  NYC is my food heaven.

Just lounging during our tour near and around Murray Hill, where my brother and sister-in-law live.  These fun benches were surrounding a giant buckey ball statue.  Go figure.

These yummy (and expensive) vegetables, with the mushrooms coming in at $20/lb, were in "Eataly," a newish Italian market with delicious foods and all other things Italian.  The coffees ranged from a few dollars/cup to $100!!

He's always in a hurry (to be corny).
We also got to meet up with S.'s sister and her boyfriend, who came in from New Haven and Connecticut. 

We had fancy shmancy drinks at the W.

This was our lunch (ahem, so what if it happened at 4pm) at Sarita's Mac n' Cheese.  We ordered one with gruyere and igs (YUM) and one with cajun seasoning (which definitely tasted like pizza, but I'm not mad about that.  pizza GOOOOOOOOD).

That evening, S. and I got a little touristy.  Here's us in Zucotti Park, where Occupy Wall Street happened.  Honestly, I prefer the Christmas lights occupying it.

Next stop: World Trade Center Memorial.  The experience was an emotional one, viewing the two large pools framed by the names of those who perished, with the new World Trade Center towering behind them.  The museum hadn't opened yet, but from the outside you could tell they had sectioned off a portion to house the remaining wreckage from the tragedy.  I think what was even harder about it all was that this was a tragedy that happened in our lifetime.  I realized I hadn't been giving other memorials the reflection they deserved after I went here.

We lightened the mood a bit after that and went to Rockefeller Center.  I love that tree.
S. was more excited about NBC, as you can tell.  We took a tour of the studio and saw the studios of Dr. Oz, Jimmy Fallon, and SNL.

We had a smomantic dinner at a lovely vegetarian Korean restaurant called Hangawi.  We had a potato pancake appetizer and tofu steaks and a yummy avocado hot stone bowl for our entrees.  This was a sit down on the floor kind of place, but under the table, for older people they had made a pit for people to extend their legs if they couldn't handle sitting Indian style.  I find it odd when an Indian can't sit Indian style.  But S. is odd like that.  ;)

One of our last stops was the NY Public Library.  Don't judge, you know climbing on stuff is fun.  And this is where Carrie got stood up!  Had to click.

This last picture is of my sister-in-law and her friend's doggy, 4G.  We got to play with her at a holiday party we went to, and my sister-in-law is dogsitting for them.  She loves 4G.  How could you not?  (Also, if my sis-in-law ever sees this pic of her sleeping, she'll kill me, but I didn't have any pics of her because she was working everyday we were there.  We spent a lot of good time together in the evenings, but I forgot to snap pics.)
All in all, it was an awesome trip.  Can't wait to go back when Baby P arrives!  Actually, will be going back in just a couple weeks for my sis-in-law's baby shower.  More pics to come.

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